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  1. Order Navratna Mala Online at lower price
    Elegant Navratna Beads Mala
    Special Price ₹1,100.00 Regular Price ₹2,000.00

    The navratna or nine gems influencing the nine planets are: Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Red Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Diamond (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu) and Cat''s Eye (Ketu). Featured in various astrological books, the navratna when arranged in a particular order are found to be beneficial for everyone. These gems intensify the rays of the planets they represent and are considered to be the best method for strengthening the positive influences of planets. Each gem stone is specific to a certain planet and reflects the positive traits of that planet. One can even wear navratna without showing one''s horoscope to an astrologer. The navratna are widely regarded as being beneficial in all kinds of diseases, but especially those caused by contact with poisons. They are also a safeguard against misfortune, help ward off danger, and remove obstacles in life.

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  2. Order Black Agate/hakik Mala - ???? ????
    Black Agate/Hakik Mala
    Special Price ₹1,100.00 Regular Price ₹2,000.00

    Hakik is a magical stone with superb powers. Hakik Attracts good fortune.Hakik increases concentration and clarity. Hakik Promotes good will.Hakik Aids in overcoming flaws, fears, and loneliness. Hakik has a calming effect during times of stress. Hakik gives a sense of strength and courage.

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  3. Order Tulsi Mala - ????? ????
    Basil/Tulsi Mala - ????? ????
    Special Price ₹450.00 Regular Price ₹1,500.00

    Tulsi wood, which is in the family of basil, is the most sacred of all wood in the Hindu tradition. It is worshipped in Indian temples as a living goddess. One Hindu legend relates that Vishnu spawned Tulsi from the turbulent seas in order to help all mankind.

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  4. Energised Magnetic Mala
    Energised Magnetic Mala
    Special Price ₹1,800.00 Regular Price ₹3,500.00
    Energised Magnetic Mala Learn More
  5. Rudraksh Mala 27.5 inch Yellow Yellow Gold Plated Alloy Chain
    Rudraksha Mala with Golden Cap
    Special Price ₹1,400.00 Regular Price ₹3,000.00
    Make: Skin friendly Alloy. Specifications:- Length = 27.5 inch, Width = 5 mm, Weight = 15.2 gm (approx) Clasp: Easy S-hook clasp. Bead Type: Simulant Learn More
  6. Red Sandalwood Prayer Mala Hindu Japa Mala Meditation Rosary Lal Chandan
    Red Chandan Mala / Sandal wood mala
    Special Price ₹599.00 Regular Price ₹2,100.00
    Red Sandal wood mala is used in worshipping Lord Ganesha. It Gives vibrant positive energy and increases the will power of an individual. It also helps in indigestion problem. It also helps in meditation. Learn More
  7. Buy Vaijyanti Mala online
    Vaijyanti Mala
    80% of 100
    Special Price ₹250.00 Regular Price ₹500.00
    A mala of victory. Vaijanti is a shiny seeds that grows in the forests of Braj. Lord Vishnu and Krishna love this mala. Vaijanti Mala is also known as Lord Vishnu's garland. It is very common belief among the people that bearer of Vaijanti mala never looses anything in life. It is widely used for Jap (prayer) of Lord Krishna, Vishnu and Rama. Learn More
  8. Buy White Tulsi Beads Mala In Silver Self Design Caps
    White Tulsi Beads Mala In Silver Self Design Caps
    Special Price ₹2,000.00 Regular Price ₹5,000.00
    This chain has very distinguished appearance. It is made of Tulsi beads in Silver capping. For daily wear or party wear. Learn More
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